Design Options Amazing looking - affordable prices!

Website Developement

Whether an electronic calling card or a place to sell items online, let us work with you to get on the web.

How HBAC Webdesigns works with you:

  • An initial meeting with you or your group (over the phone or in person depending on location) to discuss design ideas, colors, logos, and target audience.
  • A proposal is developed which includes a project plan and pricing. This is emailed to you for approval.
  • Upon approval, 2-4 draft sites are developed for review and discussion for a final design.
  • Once final design is agreed on, site is developed and client provides content for the site.
  • Upon final payment of services the site is made "live" if hosted by HBAC or all files are given to the client.

What kind of pricing are we talking about?

HBAC Webdesigns has been committed from day one to provide professional service at an affordable price. We understand budgets! The total cost of a project depends on the complexity of your site. The prices below will help give you an idea of cost.

  • Initial consultation meeting: free for phone cosultations and on site locations within 60 miles of 61832.
  • Site draft developement: flat fee of $100.
  • Site final developement (based on final site design): starts at $300
  • Domain names (registered through HBAC Webdesigns) start at $12 for the first year and renew at $10/annually.
  • Hosting (where your website files are stored) packages are available in different options.

Optional Items

  • Unique IP address: $50/annually (optional item)
  • Secure Site Certificate https://: $100/annually (optional item)
  • E-commerece options: prices vary depending on merchant provider

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society Chapter Sites

ASL Chapter Sites - $150 flat rate. Sites can be designed with the ASL official crests, colors and information as found at the ASL Home Site ( Sites not hosted with HBAC are developed and all files are sent to the Chapter Coucilor. HBAC cannot maintain sites hosted on University servers. Contact Christy for more information.

Website maintenance

Updating your content is something that can be contracted into your original design proposal or can be negotiated separately. Agreement includes changes to content provided by client and addition of up to 5 pages based on the site's design.


This choice is recommended when you need updates to your site done once or twice during the year or for a larger project (ie a new site design) and you do not want to do the annual fee.

  • $25 base maintenance fee + $10/hour labor per update occasion


This choice is recommended when you have regular updates or changes to your website. It can be billed monthly, quarterly, every 6 months, or annually. Changing the layout or design of the site (new look) is not a part of these agreements.

  • $50/month - most sites
  • $70/month – sites that include e-commerce or SSL (https://)